Sángo and Baile Funk come to Los Angeles

Kai, known as Sángo, is a DJ, producer and overall artist from Seattle, Washington. Sángo blessed the stage at the Echoplex in Los Angeles on February 3, 2017, along with Monte Booker and Kronika–all of which are affiliated with the Los Angeles-based music collective, Soulection.

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A Word With: QVLN, making world music with his blue violin

Stressed and sleep deprived by the pressures of a nearby graduation, you find the homie and videographer, Vladimir and I driving from Westwood toward East Hollywood to catch an interview with Quetzal Guerrero, alias QVLN. Because we much rather document his excellence than suffer through another two hour lecture. And as soon as we step out the car, there he is, waving to us from his window with a welcoming smile on his face.

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