MURS on anti-Blackness in the Latinx community

The track titled “GBKW (God Bless Kanye West)” on MURS’ latest album, Captain California, calls out anti-Blackness in the Latinx community.  

The song tells the story of a young Black man navigating through three life-threatening scenarios. It’s in the second scenario where he gets pressed by “the eses, bald headed, tattoos” for dating their cousin and “he a Black dude.” The verse proceeds with the young man running away from his armed aggressors and MURS localizes the scene by inserting, “they chase him down Pico”–a street name that alludes to his hometown, Mid-City, Los Angeles.

According to the LA Times, Mid-City is 45.2% Latinx and 38.3% Black.

This isn’t the first time MURS addresses anti-Blackness in the Latinx community. On his 2015 album, Have a Nice Life, the track “Mi Corazon” tells a conflicted love story. The end verse confesses, “How could’ve ever worked, she was Brown I was Black. Went to her crib and her brothers pulled a strap.”

The bluntness with which MURS’ lyrics attribute this violence to anti-Blackness is a perfect way to force his Latinx audience into self-reflection and to take responsibility for this often accepted, ignored or brushed off sentiment.

For more MURS, check out his tour dates and the entire Captain California album.


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