52Blend’s AfroLatino Fest in LA

It’s been an entire week, and I still feel lingering vibrations from 52Blend’s AfroLatino Fest at the Ford Theatres in Los Angeles. This event brought together music and culture across the African and Latino diasporas.

The climb up the main stairway to the venue entrance felt like a mini hike. Not only is the venue near the mountains, but the the stairway is surrounded by vegetation and waterfall walls. The sides are decorated with tables and chairs for guests to get together before the start of an event to chat, eat and drink. The communal feel allowed me to talk to attendees about their decision to join the fest.

Doris sat under a shady tree with her friend and shared with me why she was there, “The reason I came to this event is, my friend Ana, she’s from Mexico and I’m from Kenya. And I saw it was something to do with Afro Latino. So she’s never seen anything about African music. So I wanted to see how they mash up the two. With African beat and Latino beat.”

When the doors finally opened, I made my way inside the theatre and approached Yuri, who shared, “I came to see Very Be Careful. And they’re one of my favorite bands. When I was a senior in high school, they opened up for Ozomatli at The Grove in Anaheim. And that’s the first time I saw them perform. And then as an adult, I started going to their shows and I became a regular fan. I am originally from Oaxaca but now I live in Santa Ana.”

The video below is a brief recap of the AfroLatino Fest . Watch it in case you missed it and if you went, watch it so you can relive it.


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