rather not think

Because sometimes not thinking is better than thinking.

Because once you stop thinking you give room for your feelings. Because although they may seem to help you all they do is stifle you. You need to let go and listen to your own soul. Your gut tries to tell you that you’re not crazy for wanting the less traveled road. It’s ok to feel like this is not real. Like you’re stagnant and your dreams are a childish scene. You just have to stop thinking and move with your flow. It may lead to a place that you think is unknown. But remember that you’ve been here before. What you’re dreaming is not new, your ancestors dreamt it too. Your feelings are valid and your worries are too. But the latter will drown you if you don’t push them through. All you need is your faith and to stay true. Remember you have a purpose , many will never understand. So move past them and give time to those that blindly believe in your unknown plan.


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