te estoy buscando

I cry yearning for your unknown presence

Nostalgic for a love I think I’ve felt before

From beings who wanted me but never fought for me

But I never truly cared for them either

Or else I would have tried to stay

Beings that showed me the possibilities of loving

Passionately, wildly, unknowingly and unreasonably

A love that took to other levels of ecstasy

And had me feeling high, crazy, like I could never come down

I yearn for your love. Your touch. Your kisses. Your hugs. Your embrace.

Your warmth. Your magic. Your drive to keep growing. Your challenge.

I yearn to find you. And fight for you, with you, alongside you.

Holding my face

Brushing my hair away from my eyes to gaze deeply into them

As we enter each others’ universe and become one

Until your touch feels embedded in my skin

And my kisses imprint eternal love on your lips.


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