enchanted dance

my touch on her cinnamon skin
the line down her angelic spine
hands wrapped around her delicate waist
it’s perfection
press my thumbs against her stomach
fingers slowly travel towards her hips
waving left to right in sync with each rhyme
the drum controls her body
but my gaze controls her mind
i lean in for her lips
but she turns her neck to tease me
so i kiss her ear instead…
pausing there for a second
to softly breathe in her sweet salty scent
i lick her lobe
down to her neck
goosebumps rise as nerve ends react to my touch
she closes her eyes
and bites her lips
in response to my pull of her hair
by now she’s breathing hard
and her lips are quivering
so i grab and pull her in
pushing my tongue into her mouth
i grab her neck for better control
and our tongues play fight
making us lightheaded
we pull away and stare into our glazed eyes
sense a spark of loveā€¦
so we kissed goodbye.


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